Sephora haul

I couldn’t go state side without making a trip to Sephora now could I… 

I saved splurging until right at the end of my trip when I was in New York. What better place to shop than in the one and only NYC! 

I may have gone slightly OTT when I was in them and just chucked anything in my basic without really thinking anything through… But this is what I ended up with

  • Sephora eye masks 

I have seen these all over Instagram and other peoples Sephora hauls so I was a sheep and put them in my basket to try. I have actually used one of them and they are really cooling!

  • Sephora sleeping mask

This was right by the eye masks and k picked it up in the same scent as one of the eye masks just wanted to give it a go. It says it ‘evens out skin tone, stimulates and brightens the skin’. 

I have wanted to try Glam Glow products for a while now. They are definitely on the pricey side and I just wanted to see if it’s worth the hype. This box is a set of 5 face masks and I have used 2 now, they are almost like sample size face masks. I can’t remeber how much I paid for these but I wouldn’t say they were the best face masks I have ever used. They did help to clear up a break out I had after I came back from holiday and to be fair a little goes a long way. 

This was purely a gimmick. I love the minautre size and thought this might be a good size for traveling and chucking in my makeup bag as the benefit full sized products are so chunky. It was relatively cheap too.

This was ridiculously expensive for the size of it! However it’s a product I have wanted to try for so long. I have been using it almost everyday since being back and I’m in love. It’s definitely worth all the hype it’s had. It’s the cream version and I would go as far as saying it’s the best highlighter I have ever tried! (Bold statement I know) 

I did go in with the intention of only buying things I couldn’t get at home or brands I haven’t tried before. And to be fair I haven’t actually ever bought any Laura Mercier products, so I had a little look around and decided in trying this out. I don’t often go for a tinted moisturiser, I love a good foundation. However I love this! It’s a really nice amount of coverage and gives a really lovely glow to the akin. I suffer with dry skin and this goes in like a dream, and doesn’t clog up in my dry patches through the the day like some foundations do. 

I thought I would treat myself to a lipstick for the trip and I am a sucker for a pink lipstick.  This is such a gorgeous shade and comes out so bold with great staying power. Definitely will be getting more Laura Mercier lipids in the future! 

Again a product I have wanted to try for ages, heard a lot of good things about but just for some reason haven’t got round to trying it… I took the plunge and got it and OH MY GOD! Best thing ever! Will 100% be re-purchasing and you all must go buy it immediately! Although the lady who served me did say that she has recently changed from that mascara to the new Tarté mascara which is supposedly better than this… Who knows I may have to place an order again soon!

I have admired Victor & Rolf perfumes for ages now but they are so expensive. When ever I go away I do normally treat myself to a luxury item whether it’s a perfume or handbag and I thought what better way to remeber America than buying a perfume I have listed over for so long… However it is sooo expensive and after buying all this makeup I opted for a small travel sized version. It’s such a gorgeous scent!

That’s everything I got in Sephora! I do love going away and finding a Sephora. It’s always such fun getting lost amounts all the different brands and products to try. What’s on your Sephora wish list? Anything I should of bought? 

I also bought a few things from CVS and Walmart when I was away so Watch out for a drugstore haul soon too! 
                                    Anna X 

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