Traveling solo

Travelling alone is honestly one of the most liberating feelings ever. It’s exciting, meeting new people, seeing new places and learning new things! It’s an experience that you can get whatever you want to get out of it. I can only speak from my experience, which is travelling solo but with an organised tour, but it’s still travelling on your own, without any friends or family or someone familiar. I will never forget the feeling of being dropped off at the airport for the first time travelling alone. The buzz and excitement I felt that morning, the not knowing who I’d meet or what to expect. I loved it so much I wanted to share my favourite things about traveling alone with you guys so here it goes…

Here are my top 5 things about traveling Solo:

  1. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone, it’s exciting and fun! You can often get stuck doing the same thing and being scared to do new things. I think it’s important to push yourself outside of your comfort zones sometimes. 
  2. I love meeting new people – you go not knowing anyone and end up with lifelong friends! Often travelling you will meet like minded people who want to meet new people and have the best adventures. 
  3. I think you get the most out of an experience when you are on your own as you can do anything you want to do or don’t want to do – there are no limitations!
  4. You will come home with the best stories to share with all you friends and family. I love being able to relive my experiences and also talking to friends exchanging our different traveling stories.
  5. Feeling free – I can’t put into into words the feeling of freedom you have when you hop on that plane on your own ready to start your adventure. 

If you have ever thought about travelling solo then do it! It’s the best thing I have ever done and I will 100% be doing another solo trip!

What are your favourite things about travelling solo?

                                    Anna X

2 thoughts on “Traveling solo

    1. If you said a year or two ago that I would being traveling solo, I would have laughed! But ever since working and starting my blog and meeting new people the confidence has just grown! Like I said in my post most people traveling are like minded as you are there for the same experience! It was the best thing I have ever done! Xx


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