New forest Aqua fun park 

One thing I love about the summer is planning crazy and fun things with my friends, from road trips, holidays, festivals and more. This year we decided to give the The New Forest Aqua Fun Park a go. It’s just on our doorstep so easy to get to and reasonably priced. 

I have done one of these courses before when I was on holiday in Majorca but I have to say I actually preferred this one. It’s £15 for a one hour session (you really need to book as it gets booked up quite fast!) you can hire a wetsuit for an additional £5 which I would recommend as not only does it keep you warm if it’s a bit chilly – we are in England – it also has lots of grip to it which comes in handy when you are trying to pull yourself up onto the inflatables. 

They are really thorough and give you a 5 minute safety briefing before your session. It is set in such a lovely location in the new forest, lots of other water activities going on, you could camp there which looks fun. You are also allowed a go pro camera as long as it is on a chest mount which I thought was really cool! I don’t have a go pro so obviously couldn’t take any pictures down there hence for the poor photography in this post! But I just wanted to share with you how FUN this place is and if you are bored over the summer or struggling to think of things to do… I know it’s nearly over but save this for next summer! It is such a fun afternoon, you could finish it off with a picnic or pub lunch in the forest, maybe even a bike ride! 

The course itself if fantastic, it’s 80 metres long and 40 meters wides a absolutely massive! There are so many different obstacles, 2 trampolines,  a giant seesaw, an ice burg/rock climbing wall, giant slides, stepping stones, a giant swing, handle bars and more. You can race you friends, laugh at each other when you fall in and even make new friends along the way as you are bound to fall into someone or need someone to give you a push up the arse to get back on… It happens! It’s definitely hard work though… My muscles have been aching like mad since! I can’t wait to do this again next summer it’s so much fun, we didn’t want it to be over! 
Have you ever been to the new forest Aqua fun park? 

                                       Anna X 

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