48 hours in… San Diego 

Travelling cross country or to different places in one trip can often mean quick visits! Whilst on my road trip across the states this was definitely the case for me in a lot of the places I visited, we were only there for a day or two! San Diego was one of the first places we visited and by far one of my favourites. I was pleasantly surprised by San Diego as there’s so much to do and it’s such a beautiful place! We managed to pack so much in, in a few days! 

I thought I would share my tips on how to get the most out of San Diego in 48 hours! Maybe your going on a road trip or visiting San Diego for a weekend?! 

Day 1 
I would say a priority for when you arrive into San Diego is you need to see the beaches. They are beautiful!

I would say the perfect place to start  is to go visit Belmont park! It’s a traditional seaside amusement park with one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world! If you do go, you must try one of the GIGANTIC ice creams from the sweet shop! I have to admit I couldn’t finish it but I gave it a good shot whilst soaking up the sun on the gorgeous beach. 

It’s all about location location location! Make sure you research where you are staying before booking something! You want to be as central as possible to make your life easier and to ensure you get everything done!  

There are so many cool places to stay in San Diego a good mixture of hotels and hostels. We stayed in possibly the coolest place I have ever stayed in! It was a USA Hostel right by the beach and  in the centre of the bar and restaurant scene. (I would highly recommend checking out USA hostels if you are planning a trip to the states!) they have 2 hostels, one actually in down town sand Diego and one in ocean beach which is where we stayed. 

For evenings there’s loads going on in San Diego. The ‘gas lamp’ is in the centre of down town San Diego and is a historical neighbourhood full of entertainment, bars and restaurants. Such a great atmosphere and lots going on! My tour leader said San Diego is a good mixture of the nightlife of San Francisco  and the beaches of LA! 

We went to a fab Mexican called ‘don chido’ – the guys in there were so accomadating and really friendly! Plus the food was really authentic – one of the best Mexicans I have had! 

Now you can either party the night away or call it a night ready for a hectic day tomorrow! You want to fit everything in right? 

Day 2

This is when you become an ultimate tourist and cram everything in!

Get up early and head to the zoo! It’s one of the biggest zoos I have ever been to and has some  animals that I have never seen at other zoos such as pandas and koala bears! If you get there early enough and don’t mind whizzing around, you can be done by lunch time! I would recommend doing the jeep/bus tour at the start because it takes you all around the zoo so you don’t miss anything! I also loved the cable cart! 

Next up head over to Coronado island. It’s a bit of a drive but it’s worth it! I had been told to go here and I never understood what it was all about but after going there I fell in love! Hotel del coranado is  a stunning, vintage, American, wooden hotel on the most gorgeous beach! You may recognise it from a few classic films like ‘some like it hot’. I have already said if I ever get married I want it to be there! It’s just so beautiful! You can grab an ice cream, have a wonder around the hotel and play on the beach! There’s a little village/town right by and little shops and a beach bar at the hotel too! I wish I had more time here.

After a busy day it’s time to grab a snack and freshen up before heading to a baseball game! 

We picked up super cheap tickets for $18 each! And it was one of my highlights from my American trip.  Ice cream, hot dogs and foam fingers, you will be living the dream! The atmosphere was so fun. I mean you don’t have to go all out mega tourist like me… But then where’s the fun? 

You can head downtown for some more entertainment, see what events your hostel is hosting or just go back and chill after a hectic few days?! 

I found a really cute authentic American coffee shop just down the road from my hostel in the morning before we hit the road again… The couple who ran it were lovely and would 100% recommend popping in for a coffee or iced tea before you leave! 

That’s my idea of a perfect 48 hours in San Diego! Don’t forget LA isn’t a long drive away. If your a Disney fan Disneyland is about an hour and a half away from San Diego! 

I absolutely adored San Diego and it was one of the highlights of my trip to the states! Let me know if you are planning a trip there or if you have any questions! 

You can read all about my American trip here! 

                                    Anna X 

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