Boom Ball – Red Lipstick Foundation 

Last weekend I was invited along to a really special ball. It was organised by my best friends mum, Shirley. Shirley runs the company Boom Training and set up this ball for a local charity who deal with Suicide and sudden berevement – The Red Lipstick Foundation. 

The RLF were set up whilst the family were suffering from their own loss and put there energy into this amazing charity after realising the lack of support out there for families bereaved by suicide and raising awareness of mental health issues. They do lots of great work and support so many. The charity has grown since it started in 2014 and should be really proud of how they have built something so positve out of something so hard and heartbreaking for them – you can find out more about their story here

Boom Training collaborated with the RLF to help fundraise for their work as it soley runs of off of donations and all the money they raise goes straight into their work as its such a small  charity. The evening was a beatiful 3 course sit down meal at the Botleigh Grange Hotel, there was a raffel and an auction with some incredible prizes that were donated from various different people, some to name a few included a hot tub, an original Revlon artwork and a spa day for 2! people were giving generously and really got into the spirit. It was such a beautiful event, well organised and a lot of fun. One of my favourtie parts was theMichael  Buble impersonator – hes actually the founder of the RLF son and works with the RLF but he has an incredible voice and got everyone on their feet ready to dance the night away – and we really did dance until we were kicked out!

It was my first ever charity ball, and I loved it! everyone made such an effort and looked stunning, it was nice to all sit together over dinner and enjoy the evening. I loved how people were so willing to give money and donate to the charity. It was nice to see the event all go so smoothly for shirley too as I know how hard she worked to organise such a great event – so well done and a big thank you Shirley! 

Please have a read of what work the Red Lipstick Foundation, they work really hard and for a cause that hasnt got as much support out their too!
                                   Anna X 

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