10 things I love about New York 

New York New York….
NYC is somewhere I have always wanted to go and it’s somewhere I know I will definitely go back to. It’s just one of those places I know  I won’t ever get tired of. Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t live in the city, but a few days sightseeing and shopping, whilst catching a quick show on Broadway and having some cocktails with the girls sounds perfect! Here’s my top 10 things that I love about the city.

  1. The views – After visiting New York I now understand fully why it’s nicknamed the concrete jungle! I remember standing on top of the Rock and just feeling speechless at the sights, the iconic city skyline of buildings and the huge green patch where Central Park sticks out like a sore thumb! Who knew something so man made could look so beautiful! It really is like no other city. 
  2. The excitement – The whole time I was in NYC I felt a buzz, off of other tourists, locals, businessmen, on the subway, in restaurants… Everywhere. Everyone loves New York. It really is the city that never sleeps, so much to see, more shops then you could imagine, public transport on deman and the bars are open until the early hours of the morning.
  3. The food – oh my gosh! Did I mention the amazing pancakes and coffee I had one morning in New York – what dreams are made of! New York has just about anything you could fancy at the drop of a hat! Theres 100s of cuisines to choose from. One minute your walking through little italy the next your at a mexican, then onto china town, its endless. My fav thing is just walking around and then seeing a pizza stand offering new yorks world famous giant pizza slices for something stupid likke $3! Honestly if you are a foodie, its the place to be.Not to mention the… COFFEE! I am a huge coffee fan, and oh my, one of my highlights was grabbing a lush coffee made for me right outside Central Park, strolling through the park with my cappuccino was just fab!
  4. The people  – I LOVE the New York accent! It’s got to be one of my absolute fav American accents! I could sit people watching and listening to people chat about their daily lifes for hours sat on the train or in a coffee shop! I also met some super friendly people on my trip in New York, they aren’t afraid to talk to strangers! Very friendly and happy to help – apart from the odd exception/busy business men!
  5. The shopping – Typical girl here… But  I couldnt share my fav things about the greatest city and not mention the incredible shops! It is the best city to go shopping in, even if I didn’t buy anything just walking around 5th avenue was enough for me! But theres something for everyone and lets not forget MACY’S?!
  6. The history – There is so much culture in the city, museums, buidlings and bridges that make it who it is today and unique from other cities in the world. Theres so much to see and learn about in new york and I cant wait to go back for more!
  7. The weather – I haven’t been every season but I loved the Summer, it was really hot and slightly uncomfortable in the hustle and bustle of the city centre, but the sunshine made Central Park glorious, we sat outside drinking coffee in the morning, rowed a boat, posed in any pretty city spot for pictures, and obviously the day was longer with the sun being out for longer. But… I have seen some beautiful pics of NYC in Autumn,with the leaves falling and there being a crisp autumanl edge to it. But winter is a dream of mine! I am making it my mission to go to NYC at Christmas one year – It will happen! Wrapping up all cosy, ice skating at the rockafella and endless hot chocolates all day long! NYC is just an any time of the year sort of place, I could go whenever and love it.
  8. The architecture – Walking around NYC is like walking around a back drop of a million movies. I love the concrete jungle, its like no other city. Honestly its likke looking up and thinking you have turned into an ant. It actually made me jump a little. I love the walking past the New York apartments with the fire espcapes – it just screams F.R.I.E.N.D.S in my head! Not to mention the bridges, dont get me wrong I love the Golden Gate bridge in S.F but lets just appreciate Brooklyn bride – have you seen that lit up at night!
  9. The availability of anything – I live just outside a small city in the UK, it doesnt take long to get into my town but its a 20 minute drive with limited public transport. I love how in NYC everything is so available, its not the smallest city in the world as im sure you can imagine, I was genuinely shocked by the size of it. But you can hop on the subway at any time of the day and go to whereever you want. Food, whatever you want, whenever you want it! Everything is there!
  10. Central Park – the concrete jungle is impressive by all means, but my absolute fav thing about newyork has to be Central Park. This place needs at least a day on its own to be explored. Its so big you could easily get lost. Its in no way just an ordinary park. Sightseeing, Bike rides, Tours, row boats and history. I didnt get to see half the stuff on my list when i went, so will definitely have to go back – and recommend one of the bike tours, my aussie friends did it and loved it.


It’s like no other place, a truly remarkable city. I can’t wait to go back, there’s so much more I want to see and do!


What’s your favourite things about NYC?

Anna X

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