Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I am so happy that liquid lipsticks became a thing! I recently picked up a couple from Maybelline’s Vivid Matte collection. 

Oh my! These beauties are fabulous! They are so light weight and creamy, apply like a dream and settle really nicely on my lips without flaking or cracking. I don’t really suffer with dry lips, but even with sry lips I think a good lip balm underneath and then a layer of the vivid matte and you will be fine, they are honestly so light and just sit perfectly on the lips. I opted for 2 nude shades, which is unlike me – I normally would opt for a bold lip over nude. But I thought what a great excuse to add to my nude collection and give these a whirl. 

50 – nude thrill

I went for the nudest shade in the collection which I was a little bit dubious about as I wasn’t sure if it would suit me… I haven’t taken this off since buying it pretty much! I honestly love it. I know I love a lipstick when j carry it with me where ever I go, even if I start of wearing one lipstick and then change to this one! It’s a perfect every day colour and goes with almost everything! I think it’s going to be a popular shade through Autumn too! 

05 – nude flush 

This is named a nude. But it’s definitely more of a pink. I love pink lips, it’s usually my spring sort of shade. I don’t think this is as easy to wear colour wise as it is pink so could clash or look a bit OTT with a bold eyeshadow look. However my feelings are still the same. I love it, it applies so well and feels comfortable on my lips all day. The lasting power of both of these is incredible. I put them on first thing in the morning when I do my make up before work, I have breakfast, a number of coffees and it’s not until the afternoon when I come back from lunch that I feel the need to re-apply. That’s what I look for in a lipstick, one that I can put on in the morning and not have to worry about re applying throughout my busy day! And that is exactly what you get with these. 

They are a real steal too for only £6.99 and at the moment boots have an offer on for by one get one half price! 
Have you tried any of the vivid matte liquid lipsticks? What’s your fav liquid lipsticks? 

                                     Anna X 

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