Soton Bloggers Freakshake Event

Photo credit Brogan 

Photo credit Rachel & Alice 

If you follow me on social media you will probably have seen a photo of these beasts from the recent Soton blogger event organised by the lovely Miss Spake!

I love these sorts of events as there’s no real agenda, we aren’t there to promote a product or celebrate the launch of something. It’s just a chance for all us local bloggers to get together and chat all things blog, makeup, fashion, travel, babies and obviously food!

Quite a few of the Soton blogger events have been held at Orange rooms in the past. But this event was special, we were trying out their new and highly poplar FREAKSHAKES… These are no ordinary milkshakes my friends, these are the best kind of milkshakes yo can get then topped with a sweet treat.

The freakshake menu;

  • Chocolate milkshake + chocolate chip muffin.
  • Strawberry milkshake + strawberry tart
  • Vanilla milkshake + iced doughnut

They weren’t as sickly as I thought they was going to be, I probably had the sweetest one (chocolate of course!). I love Orange rooms menu, its a great street food selection and now an absolute winner with the freakshakes too! Yo need to give them a try!

Thank you Alice for organising another fab get together. I love meeting new bloggers and spending an afternoon chatting over some drinks, What better way to spend a Saturday?! And thanks to the guys at orange rooms for having us all again.

                                  Anna X 

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