Thomas Sabo AW16 Bloggers Breakfast

Last week I was invited to an event at Thomas Sabo. It wasn’t like most product launch events I have been to in the past, the guys at TS were so lovely and had organised a bloggers breakfast for us. There was a whole table full of pastries, prosecco and smoothies!

We had a snoop around before the lovely Francesca took us through the new seasons collection. It was all about layering the pieces in the collection and being able to make your jewelry personal for your own taste, for example they do different colors for the watch faces and the new engraving machine which I will talk about a bit more, later.

Photo credit Rachel 

The first collection we looked at was the ‘Diamonds’collection, which I loved. Its a really feminine collection with a slightly edgy side to it This is perfect for layering, whether its a couple of necklaces, a few bracelets or stacking rings, the more diamonds the better!

I absolutely loved the watches, they are a bit different from the poplar Michael Kors chunky links or even the classic leather strap, like my Olivia Burton watch. They are somewhere in between, and very sophisticated. My personal favorite was the rose gold with a red face.

I think we spent the most time gazing at all the different charms, I have always been a Pandora girl if I am completely honest and I have a number of Pandora rings and collect their charms for my bracelet… However! After being introduced to the Thomas Sabo collection I may have converted…. TS have the most beautiful collection of charms, one for every occasion! They are very different from the Pandora collection, with there being a choice of either beads, 2D  or 3D charms, and there is a lot of  choice of coloured charms. I keep my Pandora bracelet all silver, as I haven’t found a coloured charm that I love or a theme I like. But the TS charms are all so vibrant and pretty. I LOVED the globe charm, its bright, glossy blue and green! I have wanted a charm to put on my bracelet for a while now to symbolise my trip to the states, TS have loads of travel themed charms, and specific American themed charms too, like the statue of liberty or the Vegas sign. I could of spent a fortune.

Photo credit Rachel

I always thought TS were really expensive but after having a look around  I think its well priced for the quality, its not the cheapest out their but there’s a good price range of different products.

These beaded bracelets start from £20. They are a bit different from the normal charm bracelets, you cant fill it up with loads but its quite simple and understated. Not to mention you could stack it with other bracelets. They look cute with just one charm on but can hold up to 3! I had a little play around with my favorite, the black bead and added 3 travel related charms and have now convinced myself I need it in my life. This would make the perfect gift or even a little treat for yourself.

Towards the end of the event, the team showed us the newest addition to their store, the engraving machine. This is such a great feature for  the store as it means customers can now personalise their jewelry. Add their own touch to their favorite necklace, or personalise a gift for someone special.

We were kindly gifted a necklace from their new ‘Love Coins’ range with a choice of either the tree of life or the infinity symbol –  I opted for the ‘Tree of life’. Yo can get a plain Love coin in silver, gold or rose gold, or with a symbol on like mine and they start at £26. Then we were shown more options which you can have engraved or chose something yourself to have engraved on the other side of the coin. I went for my initial ‘A’ as I thought that was quite simple and something that won’t out-date. The engraving machine was so fun, its a touch screen facility to select the design and font then a quick laser. 5 seconds later and its done! A beautiful personalised piece. Its also free to use on your Thomas Sabo pieces. So much can be personailsed. Francesca was really emphasising how on trend personalising your jewelry is this season, whether that’s layering different pieces, mixing up items or engraving a piece.

It has definitely given me some inspiration for Christmas that’s for sure, but also for my own style. Its made me look at my jewelry and want to vamp it up. I cant wait to go back in for another snoop around.

I had such a great time at the event, thanks for having me and for throwing such a fun event Thomas Sabo!

How do you like to layer your jewelry? Have yo got any personalised pieces? Have you tried anything for Thomas Sabo?


                                 Anna X

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