10 things Trek America taught me

I know it’s a cliché thing to say that travelling “changes you” or “you learn so much much from travelling” but it’s true my Trek America trip gave me a hunger for travel, a new perspective of the world and I learned loads along the way! Here are 10 things trek America/travelling taught me:

  1. Not to be scared to do things on my own! I booked the trip on my own anyway but after going and traveling solo I would 100% do it again. Trek taught me how to be confident, meet new people, how to be in my own company and experience things on my own. I had the best time and can’t wait to do more things like this again!
  2. That travelling is important! Everywhere is different, even travelling from different states in the same country, they were all so different. I loved seeing and learning about the different cultures, accents and food etc…
  3. To enjoy the small things! When you are backpacking and travelling around you don’t have time for all your normal life luxuries, you aren’t glued to your phone, instead you are taking everything in, seeing new places and enjoying the moments. It’s another cliché but it’s so true. I loved the little things on trek like the time in Louisiana, when Brainin played the piano in the guest house and the whole group started singing – it was honestly one of my highlights!
  4. To make new friends! I have some amazing friends at home, I wouldn’t trade them for the world, some I have been friends with for over 10 years and I will be friends with for life, and I love that. But something Trek taught me was how important making new friends is, I now have friends all over the world who I shared the most incredible trip with and it gives me an excuse to travel to them places to see them again!
  5. To push myself! This was a big one. Every day on trek I was doing something new, meeting new people and seeing new things, and doing things I have never done before. Even doing the trip itself was a big push but it’s the best thing I have ever done and so happy that I pushed myself to do it as I was able to experience some of the most incredible things that I will never forget!
  6. To remember to see the world with my own eyes not just through my camera! My trek leader Peter was the one who said this to me  and he was so right! I love taking photos, and obviously wanted to take lots for not only my blog but for the memories too! But there is nothing like seeing it for your own eyes and taking it all in. The Grand Canyon is just incredible and something the a picture cannot do justice, I remember just going snap happy for like 20 minutes and then putting my camera down, sitting with my group and watching the sunset. I may not have a “perfect picture” of it but I remember it so well!
  7. How important it is to live your life! I worked pretty much half the year with no leave so I could take the four weeks off work. That’s the longest time off I have had in so long. It felt amazing to put my out of office on and leave all my responsibilities at home for four weeks of fun and adventure! It was so refreshing and gave me a whole new outlook on life – totally worth going the rest of the year with no leave left!
  8. That if you really want something you will get it! And by this I mean you will do everything you can to get it! I have what my mother likes to call a serious spending problem, love buying new makeup and clothes and I am awful at saving. However I was determined to do this trip so I made it happen and in less than a year, I managed to save enough to go on the trip and have the time of my life! No one thought I’d be able to do it – but I did!
  9. It’s good to have something to look forward to! It’s not even been 3 months since I have been home from my trek and I have already booked another one – I just need something to look forward to and work for. It gives me motivation for work, going to the gym and saving. My mood has lifted so much knowing I have something to look forward to!
  10. That travel is addictive – I honestly use to roll my eyes when people would talk about wanderlust and the travel bug. But (call me a hypocrite) it’s so true! The moment I got back I couldn’t stop thinking about my next trip. Every minute of the day I’m thinking about where I want to go next – its infectious!



Let me know if you are planning a trip with Trek America or on your own! What things have you learnt from travelling? I have done a whole load of posts on my Trek America trip – click the trek america tag to read more! You can check out Trek America Here!


                                  Anna X

8 thoughts on “10 things Trek America taught me

  1. I did a TrekAmerica tour in June this year and did a bit of solo travel after (and spent a few days in NYC on my own before trek too) and I totally agree with all your points on this! Travelling solo is such a rewarding thing & it’s safe to say I definitely have the travel bug now. 🙈 Are you going on any solo travels soon?

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    1. It’s the best thing isn’t it?! Which trek did you do? I’ve literally just booked the Mountie trek for next August, which I’m doing solo! Got some other trips planned too but with friends! Xx


      1. Absolutely! I did the Southern BLT which departed on 22nd June NY – LA. You? Oh, I was just looking at the Mountie trek yesterday! It’s tempting, but I’m super indecisive. I found £20 return flights to Copenhagen for January the other day, so of course when it’s that cheap I just had to book it, aha! Xx

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      2. That’s the same trek I did! But I went on the 20th June LA-NY! They have a deal on at the moment that I couldn’t turn down! No way?! That’s fantastic! Would love to go to Copenhagen! Xx


      3. Oh seriously? Amazing! What was your favourite part of the trek? Mine was without a doubt Monument Valley. It’s the most incredible place and I was just in total awe the entire time we were there. There’s probably still a few seats left. Should check it out on Skyscanner! X

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