2 years of Brighteyeblog!

I can’t quite believe that I have kept this up for 2 whole years?! Yes I haven’t been the most reliable or frequent poster over those 2 years but its been so much fun and I love writing it.

So here’s a little re-cap of the last year for Brighteyeblog;

I have been posting much more frequently. I am attempting to post daily Monday-Friday at the moment. This is testing me quite a bit, but i’m sure when I get the hang of posting a lot more, and having enough content ready it will work!

I actually bought my own domain (why did it take me so long?!) Officially Brighteyeblog.com!

The last year has been packed full of events! I’ve attended London fashion weekend, store openings, restaurant openings, beauty launches, network events, Soton Blogger events and even went on board the Princess Emerald with my blogger girls!

I bought my first proper camera. This may have broken within a month of having it but its in for repair! So fear not,  when I get that back my photography should improve too!

After meeting the Soton bloggers last year, we have all become so close and I don’t know where i’d be without them. We support each other and share our love for blogging and coffee! Its so great having a network of blogger friends like this around you, to pick you up when your lacking motivation, to give you inspiration and also for a good laugh. I want to thank them all so much and in particular, Miss Spake for all her hard work, for the events she organises, laising with PR’s for us and also for being like or blogger big sister -bringing us girls all together!

I FINALLY hit 1000 followers on twitter. Its taken me ages, but its been growing slow and steady this year. 1000 was my year goal – so i’m happy to have met that, a few months early!

The most important thing is that I feel like I have finally found my feet with my blog. Especially after my recent trip to the states. I love writing about travel, planning trips, wish lists, top tips and reviews. I’m not getting rid of my lipsticks any time soon, but now I feel like i can say “I am a beauty and travel blogger”  instead of just an “bit of this and that”/”anything” blogger. I hate to say it, but I feel like I have fond my “niche”. I feel like my blog is starting to get a bit more structure and purpose.


Thank you for following my Journey with this blog! I hope you like reading about my adventures. And here’s to many more years!


P.S One last thing… to celebrate, I am doing a little giveaway! All you have to do is follow me on twitter to find out more!


Anna x

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