Trek adventure #2

I know you are probably all sick of all my Trek America posts. It’s all I talked about before I went and I haven’t shut up about it since I’ve been back! Well i’m sorry to inform you all but…You are going to have to either put up with it all all over again or block me! Because I have booked another Solo trip for next summer! (queue the excited squeals)

That’s right I have booked my 2nd Trek America trip and I couldn’t be more excited! 

This time I am off to…CANADA! If you read my ‘top 5 places I want to visit’ post a little while back you would have seen that Canada is a place I have wanted to visit for so long! It looks stunning and I am so excited for the adventure!

So I guess I have some explaining to do…

Why have I booked another trip?

I knew the minute I got home from the last trek that I wanted to book another trek! But, because of how amazing that trip was, I knew it would need to be completly different. I have been looking for a while at the northern uSA and Canadian trips and after reading Carly Rowena’s blog post on her recent trip (The Mountie Trek) I fell in love and pretty much decided there and then I had to book that trip.

Trek America had an amazing deal on that j could turn down. It’s on until the 21st of October 2016 so there’s still a bit of time to make the most of the fantastic offer, although they always have deals! You get 10% off the trek and only have to secure it with a £10 deposit! I couldn’t resist! 

I also just wanted something to look forward to, to motivate me at work, at the gym and to save.

What is the trip?

I am doing the Mountie. It is a 12 day trek starting and ending in Vancouver. Unlike my last trek this trek is…CAMPING! That’s right, I am going camping! Its going to be interesting for sure!

When is the trip?

I haven’t booked flights yet so not 100% sure on the dates. I may even add a mini asventure on to the start or end as of yet – haven’t quite decided. Some planning is in order. But the trek itself is the last week in August! 

Photo credit national geo

I am just so happy that I have another trip to plan and get to tick a whole load more off my bucket list! I will, like last time keep you updated throughout the planning process too! 

You can check out Trek Americas site here!

                                Anna X 

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