48 hours in Paris

This time two years ago I visited one of my favourite cities for the first time! I wasn’t particularly great with the whole blogging thing back then and didn’t really share much from that trip (there was a blog post but I would advise  against reading it – cringe!) Paris is such a wonderful city, […]

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10 reasons I love the USA

When I booked my Trek last year so many people asked me why I wanted to travel across the states and told me how there were so many better places to travel to! As you probably can already tell if you have read my previous posts or follow me on social media, I had a […]

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Princess Emerald Cruise Ship

I was recently invited along for a tour of the Princess Emerald cruise ship along with some of the other Soton Bloggers. I have never been on a cruise ship before so was excited to get the chance of a snoop around one! The Princess Emerald was docking into Southampton before a 10 day cruise […]

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