Princess Emerald Cruise Ship


img_6479img_6484img_6492img_6520I was recently invited along for a tour of the Princess Emerald cruise ship along with some of the other Soton Bloggers.

I have never been on a cruise ship before so was excited to get the chance of a snoop around one!

The Princess Emerald was docking into Southampton before a 10 day cruise to Gran Canaria. Unfortunately we weren’t staying for the trip. It was a quick tour around the ship, a snoop around the brand new restaurant, a tour of the galley/kitchen, of course lots of posing and pictures, finished off with a 3 course meal before we had to depart off the ship!

I couldn’t believe how big the ship was, I know cruise ships are big, some of my family are frequent cruise goers but its not until you board a cruise ship that you actually realise. There are so many different levels with lots going on. The cabins are actually a lot bigger than I imagined. There are several different pools, an indoor and outdoor cinema, theatre, spa, sport facilities and numerous different restaurants.

We were shown around the new restaurant ‘Share’ – Princess Cruises have recently invested £1m on this 5 star restaurant. Its a really luxurious setting with a gourmet menu. The idea behind it is to share new foods and cuisine with new people. We didn’t eat in  this restaurant, but the top chef and food director explained everything behind the new investment and all things food!

The outside pool and cinema area was definitely my favourite parts of the ship! I can just picture myself chilling in the hot tub whilst watching a movie before heading in for a 3 course meal… I also loved the idea of the wellbeing and spa centre! What more could you want, when on holiday?!

After wandering around the ship for an hour or so it was time to test the food! We all sat down in one of the ships restaurants for a 3 course meal. It was honestly perfect! I was sat with a fabulous bunch of Soton Bloggers, we were served with wine before selecting what we wanted from the delicious menu!

I went for the parmesan shell pasta for starter, the sirloin steak and veg for mains and the hazelnut soufflé for desert. The lovely waiter staff then bought out a tray of chocolate/biscuits selection for the tables and a box of chocolates for us each.


It was a great afternoon full of fun and gorgeous food! I have to say after our tour round the ship and a taster of the delicious food I am very tempted to book a mini cruise adventure!

Thanks to Princess Cruises for inviting me along for the day, I had a fabulous time and can’t wait for next time!

find out more about princess cruises here!

Anna x

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