10 reasons I love the USA

img_2128When I booked my Trek last year so many people asked me why I wanted to travel across the states and told me how there were so many better places to travel to! As you probably can already tell if you have read my previous posts or follow me on social media, I had a bloody good time and LOVED the USA. I have been sorting through all my photos recently ready to get some printed and it inspired me to write this post…


So here it is, 10 reasons I love the USA:

  1. The sights –  Who knew there was so much to see?! I managed to do 16 states in the 4 weeks I was out there and saw some incredible things, and theres so much more I want to see!
  2. The national parks – I LOVE Americas national parks, the Grand Canyon was beyond amazing – probably the best thing I have ever seen in my life! I have a list that keeps growing of national parks I want to visit next. Yosemite is definitely one I have to go to!
  3. The history – America has tones of history. I loved places like Memphis and Nashville with all the music history of the legends like Elvis Presley. Not to mention the civi rights museums, places like the liberty bell, the 911 memorials and all the museums in Washington DC.
  4. The talent – Visiting Texas and Tennessee really impressed me, more than I ever thought it would. Im not a massive music fanatic but going to these places was incredible. Live musicians playing everywhere, all the time. We danced all night long in a  club in Texas and it was one of my favourite nights! Walking down the strip in Nashville was insane, every bar had a country singer playing all through the day!
  5. The variety – This is probably down to the sheer size of America, It may be one country ,but oh boy it certainly has variety. Even going from LA to Arizona was different. One minute you are on a beautiful sunny beach where the stars live, the next minute you are in an orange desert with nothing around you for miles. A few hours down the road your in a swamp and then line dancing in the country before making your way into a concrete jungle. Its completely different from the UK, accents  may differ here but everything is pretty much the same.
  6. The patriotism – I love how much Americans  are proud and love to be American. I was over there for Independence day, and what an experience that was?! But even on an ordinary day, they love where they are from and proud of their country. You can’t escape the American flag. I think its pretty wonderful.
  7. The food… Of course! I mean you can easily get sick of pretty much everything deep fried. And I sure as hell did miss vegetables and a good old fashioned roast dinner when I was away! But who doesn’t love pancakes, burgers and BBQ food?
  8. Love the weather – I absolutely loved being able to actually wear shorts and dresses and enjoy a summer! We get a few nice days in England over summer but overall our weather is very unpredictable and usually ends up with rain!
  9. I love the people – Not everyone feels this way I know, but I love the accents and the big OTT exaggerated American! People are so accommodating and friendly.
  10. Shopping! America has some absolutely killer shopping spots! The outlets are always amazing! and lets not forget (how could I?!) SEPHORA!!!!! I could have spent a fortune in las vegas and NYC! The states have got so many brands and shops that aren’t as easy to get hold of at home, and even shops that we have in the UK! Every time I go stateside I know I will end up on a spending spree somewhere, somehow!


God bless America!


Anna x



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