10 things that happen after you’ve been travelling


Whether you have been gone for a couple of weeks, a few months or a year – or maybe you’re yet to go! Travelling does it to us all (well most of us!) Its one of the best things in life… Packing up a bag -or in my case a beastie suitcase – and leaving all your worries behind ready for a big adventure. Seeing new things, trying new food and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Here is a list of 10 things that happen once you’ve been travelling!


1. You get the “travelling bug” or otherwise known as “wanderlust” – It’s all you can think about and your list of places you want to go becomes endless.

2. Sky scanner is the first thing to pop up on your internet or frequently visited pages!

3. You find yourself booking the most random trips because you found a really good deal!

4. You suddenly feel like there is more to life than just work and “normal” adult things such as getting a house or eating etc…

5. You suddenly feel all confident in your travelling abilities – thats right I booked a CAMPING trip – who cares I’m a traveller now…

6. You feel more motivated at work because its paying for your next big trip away!

7. Or the complete opposite you’ve packed in your job and sold your whole life so you can grab your rucksack and hit the road again! (If only)

8. You become an annoying Instagram spammer with all your holiday snaps – Sorry not sorry!

9. “This one time at”… You become the story teller in any social/group environment! Its always the right time to drop a travelling story in.

10. You never want to stop!  I never want to stop seeing the world! It really is all I think about. Whenever I see other peoples holiday photos I’m jealous!  I’m always browsing the web for another holiday whether its solo or I’m dragging my bestie with me…


Anna x

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