The Body Shop Vitamin E Range


I have been raving about these products ever since I bought them.Its one of their classic ranges, but its the first time I have tried it from the Body Shop! I have used other vitamin E products before as I like the benefits of vitamin e for my skin plus  the scent is really soft and clean so I thought why not give these a try from one of my fav shops?!

I had a quick skincare consolation at the Body Shop event  I went to last month. The lovely Lizzie recommend some products for me to try based on what would work best for my dry skin. She pointed me into the Vitamin E range Direction. I opted for the aqua based moisturiser and the hydrating mist – I am already onto my second tub of the moisturiser and have my eye on more of the products from this range!

The Aqua Boost Sorbet is like no moisturiser I have ever tried before. It gives a sort of silicone layer feeling on the skin. It’s sinks into my skin perfectly, with instant hydration and adds a general bouncyness to the skin.

I leave that to settle into my skin before applying my my makeup. I have to say I don’t use a primer on a daily basis and I can see a massive difference in how well my foundation applies and sits on my skin after applying this moisturiser. I also use this moisturise before bed, after cleansing. It’s very quickly turned into my favourite moisturiser and as I said, I’m already onto my second pot of it! This product product is £13 and you can find it here! 

The hydrating mist is actually a multi use product. Not only is it just a hydrating mist but it also is a makeup setting spray. I use this on my face after I have cleansed in the morning and evening and just let it sink in before applying my moisturiser. It doesn’t have much of a scent and sinks in really well. I suffer from dry skin and this has now become a ritual in my skin care routine. I take it in my handbag and spray it throughout the day when I’m in the office and absolutely love it. I will 100% be repurchasing this too. I think the two products have really made a positive impact in my skincare routine, it has significantly helped with my dry skin issues. The product is £9.50 and you can find it here! 

I have fallen in love with this range from the Body shop and can’t wait to try more from it!

Have you tried anything from the Body Shop Vitamin E range? Whats your favourite Body shop product?

You can find the whole Vitamin E range here! 

Anna x



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