10 things I love about Autumn


I actually love all the seasons – greedy I know! But when people ask me which is my favourite I never know what to say. I am a winter child and have always loved winter for the obvious reasons… Christmas and my birthday. Plus I love layering up in jumpers and scarfs!

But I love autumn as its the perfect transitioning time of year, theres a crisp air, leaves are starting to fall  and the summer dresses and bikinis get swapped for big cosy jumpers and scarfs! People are spamming instagram with photos of their pumpkin spice lattes like nobody business and its just a really cute time of the year. As we are well into autumn now and after the joys of halloween and bonfire night I thought i’d share my top 10 things about autumn…

  1. Even though summers was a ball! I secretly LOVE swapping my summer clothes out for my Autumn/Winter clothes! goodbye bikinis and shorts… hello big baggy jumpers and fluffy socks!
  2. I love how pretty all the orangey/red leaves falling to the ground look!
  3. Halloween – Obviously! Its such a fun time of year. Even  now in my twenties, I went to a pumpkin patch, had a carving competition and dressed up for a halloween party. I made a whole weekend of it! On Halloween itself I went for a nandos and to see the new Blaire witch film with some friends!
  4. Bonfire night – This is one of my fav nights of the whole year. I just love fireworks! Although after watching the fireworks in Washington DC for independence day i think it will be hard to beat now. But this year for bonfire night i went to watch a display in Winchester with a couple of friends. We had such a great time, bought a firestick each and then marched up the street with hundreds of people, watched an awesome bonfire get lit and then the firework display which was fantastic! We ended the night with a little pub crawl and listen to live music! It was the perfect Bonfire night.
  5. TIGHTS AND BOOTS! I love the look of a skirt or dress with some black tights and ankle boots – but I also love wearing tights! they are so cosy. Am I alone here?!
  6. the darker nights! I love it when it starts getting dark earlier again… just because it feels all cosy and I don’t feel as bad going home from work and getting straight into my PJ’s rather than straight to a pub garden!
  7. Whacking out my dark/berry lipsticks! I  can’t be the only one who wears certain colours for each season! Autumn is for berry and nudes!
  8. I love cooking cosy foods! At this point, I’m going to say it… I AM SICK OF BBQ’S!  Don’t get me wrong I love a good BBQ but after a whole summer full of them I am ready for some roast dinners, casseroles and curries!
  9. MOVIE MARATHON time of the year! Gone are the days for going out and enjoying the sun… its time to start gathering all your fav snacks, re-start your netflix subscription ready for the months ahead of movie marathons and watching a whole series in one sitting!
  10. I’m going to apologise now, but… GETTING FESTIVE! Yes its only the 7th of November and I am starting the count down to christmas, I have been festive shopping already and am getting so excited!


Anna x

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