48 hours in New Orleans


New Orleans is somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time.  And after spending a couple of days there on my road trip across the states I can confirm it is one of the coolest places I have been to. I have to add that there are some parts that are still a bit run down from the Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, which is so sad as it is such a beautiful city. Overall it is still a beautiful city oozing with culture and fun! Not to mention some amazing food. Everyone is so chilled out and ready for a good time. You need to visit New Orleans and experience some of the best food and jazz music in the united states!

Day 1

First things first, when in new Orleans you HAVE to go to Café Du Monde. It’s a world famous original French market coffee stand. I have never seen so many people swarming into a  little cafe! Its so bizarre watching it from afar, but then you go inside and try their famous beignets which are like little puffs of sweet, sugary heaven! If you do one thing in New Orleans – you have to grab a coffee and beigents. If you  can’t stop to sit in the restaurant and let the world pass you by whilst you eat yourself into a food coma then you can get them to go too. Trying these was on the top of my bucket list for my America trip!

Next up its time for the old Steam Boat Tour! What a more classic way to experience New Orleans than to sail down the Mississippi river, on a traditional steam boat with a live jazz band playing and all the good Louisiana style food on offer. Even if you don’t want to go on the tour, you have to go and see the boat. Its such an Iconic part of New Orleans.

For the evening why not go on a Ghost Tour?! NewOrleans is well known for its beliefs in voodoo and witchcraft. Not to mention the ghosts and vampires. This is an absolute must if you visit the city! The tour leaders are so enthusiastic, they really do make the tour worth wile. Even if you aren’t really into that sort of thing, the story telling is really impressive! If you are an American Horror Story fan then you would absolutely love it! You are taken round to some hot spots where some of the series stories were based on such as the LaLaurie Mansion! They provide great entertainment but also some factual history about the city too!

Day 2

Start the day with some good american pancakes or maybe some more beignets and why not take the chance to explore some of the area? There so much to see in the city from the French quarter to the garden district. Take a ride on a cute little tram to get you from place to place! Its a really unique place with a whole lot’ a soul.

If you fancied venturing outside the city a little, I would 100% recommend doing the Bayou Swamp Tour. I loved this so much. It was so cool seeing the houses along the swamp banks. Also seeing so many alligators in one place. The guys who do the tours are always such a laugh too!


In the evening you definitely need to get some food in preparation for a night out in New orleans! I would recommend a place called Oceana. If you want the best Louisiana signature dishes then you need to try this place! Get all the crawfish and Gumbo you could ask for and the steak is DELICIOUS! this was hands down one of the best meals I had in America. The food was incredible and the atmosphere is so laid back and fun – real New Orleans style.

It wouldn’t be a trip to New Orleans without going for a night out! First hit up Bourbon street – its a long strip and I have to say I didn’t go much on this… howeverI do believe you need to experience it if you are there (At least once). Walk into a bar, get some drinks, listen to some live music… maybe even head to a karaoke bar?! Once you have had a few drinks and seen all the craziness that Bourbon street has to offer then get a cab and head to Frenchman Street for some jazz bars! Experience the best jazz music in its home town before stopping off in a 24 hour pancake house on your way back to the hotel.

As you can probably tell food and music is the main theme when visiting new orleans! But i really is a fab city full of soul and liveliness! A couple of days there is plenty of time to cram in all the best bits.

I would LOVE to go back to New Orleans for Mardi Gras which is in March. But there is a mardi Gras museum which is open all year round! I would also love to go to a voodoo shop, there are a couple that my tour leader pointed out to me which i didn’t have time to go in which he said are really interesting and not gimmicky at all.

Anna x

5 thoughts on “48 hours in New Orleans

  1. New Orleans sounds incredible! It’s the kind of place you imagine to only see in films or tv shows so it’s really cool you actually got to go there! The ghost walk and jazz bars are something my sister would just love 💕 Your photos are really beautiful as well! x

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