My first trip to Ireland!

So last weekend, after 4 months since our trek, I was reunited with two of my trek buddies -Brainin and Rachael. I got really close to these girls on my trip and was so excited to go and visit them in Ireland. I couldn’t have picked a better weekend if I had tried, with christmas approaching everywhere is turning all festive – which I am a big fan of!

I flew from Southampton early Friday to Dublin where I met Brainin at the airport. Such an easy flight. Then met Rachael in the city centre for some breakfast and a proper catch up. We chucked off our bags and all got into our tourist mode ready for some exploring! The weekend was full of sightseeing, meeting their friends and eating lots of yummy food not to mention drinking enough to last me a while…

The girls wanted to show me the best of the best so we managed to cram in Dublin and Belfast all in 3 days! It was surprisingly easy – thanks to good old air coach.

I absolutely loved both Dublin and Belfast, although they are both really different. I am going to write a travel post for each city soon! But just wanted to share some picture of my little adventure and reunion with the girls as we had such a fun weekend! I have also attempted to vlog the trip so go check that out on my youtube channel here!

I am so glad I got to see the continental markets in Belfast. They were incredible! So much going on and honestly the best market food I have ever had! Definitely a christmas market to recommend!

Thank you girls for being the best tour guides a gal could ask for and for such a great weekend. I can’t wait until my next visit!

Anna x 

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