Taco Bell – Southampton

I have always wanted to try Taco Bell ever since my first trip to the states years ago but just never got round to going. But my life is about to become a whole lot easier as the brand is slowly making its way over to Europe its now opened its 13th store in England right here in Southampton!

I was invited along with the Soton’ Bloggers to the preview party for the opening of the new Mexican restaurant last week to sample out the menu and have a sneak peak of the restaurant. Along with the mountains of food to try there were alcoholic and soft drinks on tap and my favourite part – the photo booth! Taco hats need to become a thing – am I right?

The restaurant itself is right in the middle of town so perfect for a quick bite to eat whilst shopping! or if you want to grab something on your lunch break. The style inside has an industrial sort of vibe to it with big hanging lights and metal looking chairs – its a really cool look.

The food is quick and affordable and OH MY GOD its so tasty. Theres so many choice, hard or soft tacos, quesadillas, burritos and different flavours too spicy or tangy – depending on your mood! They have nachos and spicy mexican style chips. But my apsoultte favourite and i have to say its rather unique – kit kat quesilldas! Soft tortilla wraps with melted kit kats… Who knew this could be so great?!


I can officially say I know where I will be stopping off whenever I’m in southampton for quick bite to eat!

Thanks so much to the lovely people at Taco Bell for inviting me and for hosting such a great night! I hope the restaurant does really well and can’t wait to go back for another visit!

Anna x

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