Robin Hood Panto at the Mayflower Southampton

(Pictures above C/O The Mayflower)

I absolutely love going to the theatre and christmas is my favourite time of the year so you could probably guess I would be seeing a panto. Luckily I was invited along to see the fantastic Robin Hood* along with some of the Soton Bloggers by The Mayflower.

The well known Eastenders duo Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace aka Kat and Alfie, are the stars in this years sensational christmas panto Robin Hood.

We join Mr Ritchie as he transforms into a charismatic Robin Hood along with the acrobatic merry men. Robbing from the rich and helping the poor. Its full of fabulous dancing, singing and giggles as we follow him on his quest to win the beautiful maid Marrion. There is a lot of slapstick, typical panto comedy in this show along with a few Eastenders gags here and there.
This was also the first time ever at the theatre where I have needed to wear 3D glasses! Yes there is a 3D section in the panto! I don’t want to ruin it but it was such a fun element to throw in at a panto!

I honestly did not stop laughing throughout. This is perfect for a family with all the cute panto bits for the kids, shane even pulled a few children up on stage! But also has a lot of adult humour too without it being too much – something i think is quite hard to find the right balance.

This is such a fun and exciting cast! The perfect family fun over the festive period.

This is at the Mayflower from the 17th December – 8th January so if you haven’t got time to go between now and the big day theres time in the new year to see it. Every show I’ve seen at the mayflower is good but I would highly recommend this!

Anna x

* Complementary PR tickets from the Mayflower – all opinions are my own.

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