Southampton Airport Business Lounge

Southampton Airport is a small, convienant airport and infact my local! It’s the perfect airport for short, easy flights around Europe and even fly outside of Europe now as the airport expands. It’s just the right size, has everything you need and not to mention their ‘Breeze through’ buisiness lounge – which has recently had […]

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Top 5 Travel Blogs

I love discovering new travel blogs to inspire me for my trips, for tips and tricks for my travels and for inspiration for my own travel blog. There are some amazing blogs out there, with beautiful photography, funny travel anecdotes and travel tips. Today I’m sharing my current Top 5 Travel blogs that I’m obsessed with […]

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72 hours in Amsterdam

72 hours doesn’t sounds like enough time to explore an entire city! But it is plenty of time to cram in as much as you can and make a list for next time! I never really pictured going to Amsterdam, mainly down to preconceived ideas that I had and thinking it wasn’t really my scene. […]

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