As I see in 2017 nursing a slight hangover, I’m in my pyjamas looking back at what a fantastic year 2016 was! Not only did I travel to 4 different countries, 16 different states, tick a whole load of stuff off my bucket list and just have the best time of my life but so many other amazing things happened last year! I honestly had  some of the best moments in 2016 which i will remember for the rest of my life! I saw some amazing things, met so many amazing people and grew so much as a person. I thought I would get it all down on my blog for me to look back on!

It all started with my new years resolution last year, to be more adventurous! I set out to have the best year and try new things. I can say for the first time ever I successfully completed my new years resolution and can’t wait to continue trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places!

In January I celebrated turning 21 with some of my best friends in the best place possible… DISNEYLAND PARIS! It was the best way to start the year and celebrate being a big kid!

In April my Mum and Step Dad finally got married after being with each other for 15 years! It was the perfect day, full of laughter and fun – just what my family are all about! And a group of my mums closest friends, their children, me and my brother had been meeting up for the months leading up to the wedding in secret to perform a group dance in the evening as a surprise! It was a medley of songs from their favourite movies, favourite songs and just songs that have some kind of meaning! One of my closest friends Callum who teaches dance had us practicing every week until it was perfect – this was not an easy job! It was one of the highlights from the wedding and we had such a laugh doing it!


My best friend turned 21 in April! We surprised her by taking her to London to see our favourite show WICKED! This was my third time seeing the show, I know all the words and would jump up on stage to perform it too if they’d let me! We had the best day and it was so fun surprising her!

My friends, family and I had discovered the fun of ‘Murder Mysteries‘ this year so enjoyed a couple of evenings spent dressed up in role play over dinner and drinks. As long as you have the right bunch of people to do these with they can be so fun and I can’t wait to do more next year!

I completed and passed my CILEX qualification that I have been doing for the last year alongside working – We got a day up to London for our presentations and a glass of bubbly! It was such a relief to have finished that and I felt so proud of myself for managing to juggle studying, working full time, blogging and being able to enjoy myself – Its important to recognise when you have worked hard. And shortly after completing my qualification I then got offered a temporary promotion… I couldn’t believe my luck! This was such fabulous news.

It wasn’t long after the summer had started and trips to the beach, BBQs and pub garden afternoons meant that my trip to the USA was finally here! I was sent off by an American themed BBQ with all my family and friends, big red cups, smores and burgers galore! Then off I went, embarking on the best adventure I have ever had! 4 Weeks travelling from one side of the states to the other – solo! I made some amazing friends who I hope I will stay in contact with for life! I saw some of the most amazing things, went to some pretty cool places and just made the best memories – it was everything I had hoped for and more! I still don’t shut up about the trip now and it has well and truly given me the travelling bug… Some of my absolute highlights would have to be Coronado island in San Diego, Our first night out in Vegas on the party bus, seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, me experiencing hostel life…, having dinner cooked for us by the Navajos in Monument Valley, line dancing in Nashville, visiting the Sun Studios in Memphis, spending the 4th of July in Washington DC, and meeting the 12 amazing people in my group! If I could recommend 1 thing to do in life – it would 100% be to do something like this! Taking those 4 weeks out of everyday life, just going and enjoying being free, seeing the world and meeting new people was the best thing I have ever done and put everything into perspective.

After that amazing trip coming home was a bit of a come down… But luckily for me I have the best friends and family who made sure that I wasn’t sad for long. I had another welcome home BBQ – any excuse for party or food in my house! My mum bought a toy poodle whist I was away… I CAME HOME TO A PUPPY! It was so exciting and I instantly fell in love with Herbie. I still got to enjoy the rest of the summer, more BBQs, and events! I got to see my best friend graduate – very proud moment! And it wasn’t long until I had booked my next big adventure!

Our annual summer tradition… V FEST! This year we got to see Rihanna and Bieber! I have always wanted to see Rihanna and she did not disappoint! The weekend was full of sunshine (a little bit of rain), glitter and laughter! Had such a great  time and cant wait for next year!


One of the funniest memories from the summer has to be… my crazy friends and family all getting together for a weekend in the sunshine, having our own ‘Olympics’ in the garden! It was hilarious. We all picked our teams out of a hat and then my mum planned the games and did the scoring. We had synchronised swimming, trampolining, gymnastics, show jumping and the egg and spoon race to name a few! I was  in team Jamaica with Grace and I am not a sore loser but we were robbed 1st place! Came 2nd overall (we know we are the real winners though)! Honestly haven’t laughed like that in such a long time!

My best friends mum had organised a big charity ball. It was such a great night, people going money, amazing food, amazing music, we all dressed up lovely! She did such an amazing job!

I absolutely loved halloween this year. I haven’t celebrated Halloween properly since I was a kid, but this year we made a full weekend of it. I went to Bath with Grace and her uni friends for a night out – I think I made a pretty good Wednesday Aadams! I then went to a pumpkin patch with a group of friends for a pumpkin carving competition. On halloween itself me and some friends went to see the new Blair Witch Project film!

The year has whizzed by and it wasn’t long until we were coat shopping and getting all the jumpers out! Fireworks eve was one of my favourites this year! We went to Winchesters fireworks, walking up the old, cobbled hughstreet with fire sticks, and then spending the evening with some friends watching the fireworks go off with a glass of wine! It was perfect!

Then something happened which I never thought would have happened this year… I got a promotion as a Paralegal! I could not believe it! I had already said what an amazing year its been but this news just was the icing on the cake for me.

Next I was off to Ireland to celebrate and have a reunion with my favourite Irish girls! I met Brainin and Rachael on my trek and we instantly clicked! They are two of the nicest, funniest girls i have ever met! I couldn’t wait to get over there! They wanted to show me the best of the best so i flew to Dublin where we spent 2 days being tourist, eating and drinking until our hearts were content! we met some hilarious people and stayed with Rachael’s sister Rebecca! After a quick visit t Dublin we hopped on a coach and went off to Belfast… Just in time for the christmas lights switch on and a big german sausage at the markets. I logged the whole trip and had the best time catching up with the girls! Cant wait to see them again.

It wasn’t long before my next mini adventure – I told you I had caught the bug! I flew to Amsterdam for a festive fun weekend with Grace! We jam packed it with walking, and sight seeing! Not to mention all the eating and drinking. It was such a fun weekend and i absolutely LOVED Amsterdam. We are already making plans to go back again next year.

December has flown by! It was full of the exciting build up to christmas, trips to the markets, ice skating, baking, shopping and I even organised my works christmas party which went so well.  Christmas was over with a blink of the eye and New Years was as fun as ever! We had a theme for our party this year – 80s!

What an absolutely incredible year! I have enjoyed every single moment of it… apart from the little incident when i tore my cartilage in my knee! I learnt a lot in 2016 but the main thing definitely is that life is too short and it is what you make it! I set out to have the best year and can definitely say that  I have had the best year. I am so grateful for the people I have in my life and for everything I have got to experience! Heres to 2016 and all the good memories and new friends! I am so excited to start another year, go on new adventures, meet new people, continue to go outside my comfort zone and just enjoy every minute of it!

Anna x