Top 5 Travel Blogs


I love discovering new travel blogs to inspire me for my trips, for tips and tricks for my travels and for inspiration for my own travel blog. There are some amazing blogs out there, with beautiful photography, funny travel anecdotes and travel tips. Today I’m sharing my current Top 5 Travel blogs that I’m obsessed with recently. 

The Blonde Abroad   – Kirsten is living the dream. A girl who quit her day job to travel the world. Her blog is just perfection. It is so sleek and picturesque not to mention really useful. Kirsten has travelled to over 50 countries and shares all her tips for solo, female travellers. I guarantee after looking at her blog you will find yourself booking a sunny adventure within 5 minutes. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs I have ever seen and a major inspiration.

Nomad Sam – Sam shares his nomadic lifestyle, travel advice and amazing photo diaries. His site is so professional looking and is full of great information.  I really love finding blogs like this that not only help me with my travels but also inspire my own.

Adventurous Kate –  Another solo, female travel blogger. Kate shares her adventures of travelling the world, photo diaries, tips for solo travel, advice and tips for travelling. Not to mention Kate shares how to become a successful travel blogger and shares her own personal story. Her blog has so much amazing travel content I could sit and read for hours.

A little Drift – Shannon’s blog is a story of how in 2008 in she started to travel the world. She shares travel guides and travel posts on various different themes. Not only sharing her travel stories and tips but also shares many useful resources for planning your travels. If you are looking for a round the world travel blog then this one is one to check out!

Nomad Matt – I love matts blog. It’s an amazing travel blog, that gives you all them wanderlust feels with a main focus to find amazing cheap travel! You can sign up to his site to find all the latest deals. Its full of useful tips and tricks for cheaper travel. Such a useful site for planning a trip, getting inspo for adventures. You name it, this blog has got you covered. I don’t think there is anything more I could actually add to his site to make it any better.

Not only do they give me major wanderlust feels and have me planning trips for the next 5 years but they also provide me with huge inspiration for my own blog!


Anna x


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