Southampton Airport Business Lounge

Southampton Airport Business Lounge

Southampton Airport is a small, convienant airport and infact my local! It’s the perfect airport for short, easy flights around Europe and even fly outside of Europe now as the airport expands. It’s just the right size, has everything you need and not to mention their ‘Breeze through’ buisiness lounge – which has recently had a little makeover!

I would never have even realised there was a business lounge before as it is tucked away from the husstle and bustle of busy travellers. It’s a cosy space upstairs where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury side of travel at a really reasonable price.

I am a frequent traveller, but have never used an airport ‘Lounge’ as the name ‘business suit’ has always put me off. However after visiting Southamptons new lounge I can see that its actually for anyone who wants to add a little extra to their journey and is just a litte more than a coffee and croissant from Costa at an amazing low cost of £17.50!

Its just tucked away from the open lounge, and offers wifi, computers, an amazing aray of food and drinks.

The fab Southampton Airport Team put on an amazing spread for their re-launch day. We were able to sample the scrumptious menu and speak with the local businesses who cater for the lounge, whilst chatting with the team behind the luxury airport treat. A lot of hard work and attention to detail has gone in to this lounge being perfect for all sorts of travellers. It really is a delightful taste of luxury.

The main focus is the collaborating with local businesses, using local produce, serving homemade food, offering value for money and a fabulous customer experience.

I never visited the old business lounge, but after hearing about the  transformations and seeing pictures it has completely revamped into a cosy, modern cavern of comfort.

I think a trip to the lounge is the perfect start to your journey, the staff are all so welcoming and hospital. The food is so yummy and amazing value for money. Plus you can relax, using the lounges facilities until its time to hop on the plane!
I am excited to enjoy the luxury suit on my next trip through Southampton airport.


                                  Anna x


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