The Real Greek | Southampton Westquay Watermark | Review

Another addition to the Westquay Watermark is a little taste of the Mediterranean…The Real Greek. As you walk down to the strip of restaurants the blue and white, classic Greek holiday looking booths stand out a mile away. I fell in love with this restaurant from the minute I saw it. The decor is so detailed and will have you craving a sunny Greek holiday.

We were welcomed to the restaurant by the friendly real Greek team, including the face of The Real Greek – Tonia Buxton  – everyone was so enthusiastic about the Greek food and what they want to achieve with this restaurant. The restaurant has a big focus on healthy, wholesome ingredients sourced largely from Greece and Cyprus whilst recreating the social, Greek atmosphere by encouraging diners to take their time eating with friends and family.

Cocktails were the first step, there so many choices on the menu and if there’s something you want that’s not on the menu the bar staff will happily create it for you if they have the ingredients. I opted for a light peach Bellini as I was saving room for all the food! The Real Greek Southampton is its first restaurant to introduce their ‘Santorini cocktail bar’ setting the greek holiday scene.

It’s a meze style restaurant which meant ordering loads of food to share between us! There’s so many different dishes I really struggled to choose but if you are with a friend or two you can mix and match the dishes as they are really decent portion sizes. Some of the dishes we opted for included: Lamb kebabs, Mediterranean chicken and vegetables, hallumi, calamari and lamb meatballs. They offer a Athenian Set Menu’ too which is a 3 dish menu for £11.95 and a lunch menu for £8.95. I think the menu is great value for money as it is but they also have some great discounts. If you are bringing the whole family you get a free kids meal for every £10 you spend – on a Sunday! And this is the perfect dining spot for students with their amazing 25% student discount!

I enjoyed every single thing I tried, it was all gorgeous food, really tasty and healthy. I didn’t leave feeling too full or sluggish that I can feel like after a big heavy Italian meal or juicy American burger.

That was until they bought out the deserts for us to try. We had 5 different deserts to try between us – don’t judge me – this is purely for reviewing purposes… what I can say is, I loved every single desert! My favourite had to be the chocolate cake. They were all so luxurious and sweet. The perfect treat after an amazing  meal.


I am so looking forward to the summer evenings, this will be the perfect pit stop for some gorgeous Greek food and drinks in the sunshine. Pretending I’m on holiday on a weekday after work.

Thanks to the Real Greek Team for inviting me!

                                 Anna x

*I was invited to try the restaurant for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “The Real Greek | Southampton Westquay Watermark | Review

  1. This place sounds fab! West Quay needed a few more restaurants and I’m excited to see what other ones they’ve added in the new part! That cake looks delicious, and your photos are really great! Can I ask how you got the opportunity to review them? I’d love to start working with bars and hotels this year but have no idea where to start! Hope you don’t mind me asking you ☺️ xx

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    1. I am so glad they have built this, just what Southampton needed! Thank you. I was contacted by the PR agencies dealing with the restaurants to go to the openings or to review the restaurants. Are you based in Southampton? xx

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      1. I would say that meeting up with local bloggers and getting out there in the community has helped me with my blog! Do you follow sotonbloggers on twitter? Alice is a good friend of mine who runs that account. She runs events for local bloggers and occasionally something comes up through that! Would be good to see you at an event soon xx

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      2. Meeting up with bloggers actually in person is definitely something that’s on the agenda for this year! There are so many lovely events around the country but it’s just taking that first step 🙈 I do yesssss I need to keep more up to date with it as I always seem to be missing the meet ups! Thank you so much for your advice I really appreciate it ☺️ Yessss it would be lovely to see you too! Thank you again! xxx

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      3. I remember going to my first ever event on my own. It was terrifying before hand, I had spoken to a few people on twitter but that was it and I’m hopeless with putting names to faces. But honestly I have made some fab friends from blogging and would 100% recommend taking that jump and putting yourself out there! No problem! Speak soon Hun xxx


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