Grand Canyon Photo Diary


America is known for their insane National Parks. I have always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, and last summer I managed to tick it off my bucket list with a 2 day visit, I sat eating pizza on the edge of the canyon, watching the sunset and flew through it on a helicopter. The Grand Canyon is definitley one of the best sights I have ever seen. Although it is true, photos do not do it justice, I took so many whilst I was there I had to share them. So here is 10 photos that will convince you, you need a trip to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon definitely lives up to its name, its one of the most unique places i have ever visited and such an incredible sight to see. My tour leader had blindfolded us all and guided us down to one of the edges on the South rim, we counted down from 3 until we saw the Canyon for the first time. I cannot explain how breathtaking it was and such an amazing experience. Sitting on the edge, taking it all in whilst watching the sun set has to be the best sun set I have ever seen. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a definite must on everyones bucket list!

I couldn’t just leave it at 10 photos, here is one more and possibly my personal favourite as it captures one of my best memories from my trip to the Canyon. Although it looks terrifying, it wasn’t a straight drop, there was a ledge underneath. But sitting on the edge and looking out to the most incredible view was amazing and an absolute highlight for me after wanting to visit for so long!



Have you visited the Grand Canyon? What is your favourite US National Park?


Anna x

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