Billy Elliot at The Mayflower Southampton


One of Britain’s most classic films and multi award winning musicals is gracing my local theatre, The Mayflower, in Southampton after a very successful 11 years running in The West End, and being nominated for 9 Olivier Awards and winning 4, the Billy Elliot Cast are doing their first UK tour. I was super lucky to be invited along with the Southampton Bloggers to review the show.

Billy Elliot is a story of how a young lad from a Northern town in the UK, set during the struggles of the miners strike in 1984-1985. You follow Billy on his journey of him finding who he is and  watch him reach his dreams despite the struggles of conflict with family and society’  norms. Billy has been brought up by his single dad, without a mother. Billy doesn’t want to be a miner, he doesn’t want to box and finds himself in a ballet class where he discovers his incredible talent. Despite his farther not supporting Billy’s passion, Mrs. Wilkinson, the Ballet teacher, is not willing to give up. And after weeks of private tutoring, Billy is finally ready for his audition at the Royal School of Ballet. The story takes you through Billy’s quest to prove everyone wrong in his fight to achieve his dream. With the help of Sir Elton Johns music and the incredible dancers this classic story comes alive.

The whole cast are incredible, the songs are amazing and the dance numbers were breathtaking. The role of Billy is split between 4 boys, I watched young Emile Gooding who was phenomenal. For someone that young to perform in front of a live audience that well was amazing.

This show made me laugh and cry and completely fall in love with the story. I am a massive musical fan and I have to say this has to be one of the best shows I have ever seen. I am already planning on seeing the show again. I could not recommend this enough. Billy Elliot The Musical is currently in Southampton at the Mayflower until the 4th of March. You can book tickets online here  you don’t want to miss out!

Anna x

*Complimentary tickets and photos for review purposes. 

6 thoughts on “Billy Elliot at The Mayflower Southampton

  1. I do love the theatre and this is definitely on my list of shows to see! The film is amazing and im so happy that there is a theatre show finally in Southampton, this review makes me want to go sooo badly!

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