Where to find motivation

I recently faced a knock back, it wasn’t all bad and I actually came away feeling really motivated. It was disappointing for sure but it got me thinking. We all go through times when we are feeling lazy, un-inspired and lose our ‘mojo’, its completely natural. But where do you find motivation, how do you get back on the horse?  This could apply to your personal life, dreams, aspirations, work life, health, fitness, education or even saving money… Here are 5 places I find motivation –

Experiencing knock backs

As difficult as they may be, facing a knock back can actually have a positive impact. After experiencing one recently, I came back feeling positive and remembered what  I was working for. It made me look at the bigger picture and gave me the incentive to continue to work hard to achieve my ultimate goal. This may be getting that promotion at work or saving a certain amount of money for a big trip. Sometimes things don’t go to plan but use the knockmbacks to reassess and remind yourself of where you want to go or what you want to achieve.

Inspiring people

We all have people we look up to or feel inspired by, whether that be celebrities, family members or friends. I have a few different people in my life that all inspire me for different things, a friend at work who is always motivating and encouraging me, my parents are always offering me guidance, my friends and family are always supporting me with things I do in life and there are people in the blogging world that I admire and look to for inspiration constantly. It could be as simple as having a gym buddy to keep you on track at the gym! I think its important to surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, people who will push you up when you need it and celebrate with your success. I think its also important to recognise other peoples achievements and empowering others success.

Setting Goals 

I think to stay motivated, it’s imperative to have a goal to work towards. Having something to stimulate you, It gives you a reason to get up and go, tasks have more of a purpose and I find I am most productive when I have a plan. Its also really satisfying when you reach that goal. Having a dream or something to work for keeps me motivated at work, gym, saving money and something small as drinking more water. The goals don’t have to be huge, you can have load of different goals. But its good to have some sort of plan for you to work towards and measure your successes.

Less pressure 

One thing I have learnt over the last few years is to stop putting too much pressure on yourself. Setting goals and a little pressure is healthy. But don’t be so hard on yourself as this can just get you down and lead to stress. It can have the complete opposite effect on me, If I put too much pressure on myself I become so unmotivated and lazy. Stop worrying about what other people are doing, stop worrying about things so far in the future and just focus on the now, what is achievable and the positives in life. You will find you become a lot more motivated with the now and things will fall into place.

Having a break

Last summer I took 4 weeks off of work, this was the longest time I have had off in 5 years and I have never felt so refreshed or motivated. It was amazing to have that time to enjoy life, have no worries and as cliché as it sounds, be free! I came home with a whole new outlook on life, work and my future plans. Take a step back, it doesn’t have to be as long or as adventurous as those 4 weeks but it’s important to be able to relax. 
Where do you find motivation? 

                                    Anna x 

 *photo from google images

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