The Diner | Southampton Westquay

Who doesn’t love an old school American Diner? One of Southampton’s newest additions to the Westquay Watermark is The Diner. Vibrant and cool decor, an insane menu at such an affordable price point. I was invited along to the restaurant to try out the menu with some of the Soton’ Bloggers and have since then, been on a couple of different occasions… I just can’t get enough!

Lets start off by talking about the menu, ALL DAY BREAKFAST… I repeat… all day breakfast is on the menu, which means all the pancakes your heart desires! The variety of breakfasts is fantastic and there is something for everyone. I personally couldn’t get over the red velvet pancakes – it was a pinch me moment. The main menu is an all american dream… tex mex nachos, wings, burgers and dogs not forgetting the classic mac n’ cheese, another recommendation of mine would be the cajun fries. The food is so inviting and the portion sizes takes me back to eating out in the states – honestly you are in for a real feast! I could not believe the amazing value for money it puts fast food chains to shame.

I had a go at making my own milkshake behind the bar, the selection is incredible and they use the most amazing ice-cream which they have imported over from an  independent Italian company. I obviously opted for the hazelnut and chocolate variety topped with Oreos… and I have to say, I made a pretty good shake – almost as good as the Diner Staff’s.

Its definitely one of the more classic but fun restaurants thats opened down in the new Westquay Watermark, offering simple, quick and tasty, affordable food.

Have you been to The Diner yet?

Anna x

*Food was complementary for review purposes.

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