Cabana Brasil | Southampton Westquay

I have never been to Brasil but have definitely got my taste buds up for going after visiting the new Cabana restaurant in Southampton Westquay Watermark. Cabana has bought Brasilian street food over to the UK with all of its charm and excitement. Cabana held their very own Carnival themed evening for some of the Southampton Bloggers  recently. We mastered the art of mojito making, wandered our way through the street food of rio and indulged in the incredible Nutella filled doughnuts.

I just want to share the love for the hand crafted decor… the seats are covered in recycled denim which is sourced from a women charity in Sao Paulo, the handmade hat lampshades from a guy in basil, Brasilian street artwork,  other little random bits and bobs to re-create the authentic, vibrant, carnival feels from the heart of Brasil. I absolutely loved the whole atmosphere in the Cabana and the island bar in the middle adds a great touch.

Darius and Pedro taught us all we needed to know to re-create the Brasillian Classic Caipirinha – The national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime.  It is so simple yet so refreshing and moreish’ – we started the fun evening with a friendly competition.

A few more cocktails later we were chatting and laughing our way through the evening and sampling some of the best food I have had in a while. I’ve not had Brazilian food before so I can’t compare it, but what I can say is I couldn’t stop stuffing my face. It was a complete mixture from cheesy bread to meat platters and my favourite the rice filled pineapple!

The Cabana team really illustrated their ideal of sharing good food with friends and family in a fun, laid back environment, bringing Brasilian culture to our tables. I loved the idea of the Brasilian wish bands/Bahia Bands – a tradition in Brasil as a symbol of faith and good luck, you tie one round your wrist 3 times making a wish each time, once is starts to fall off, you let it fall off into running water… The Cabana team shared a whole load of these over the table for us to put on each other.

Thank you to the Cabana team for the whole evening it was so great to learn about the Brasilian culture and where Cabana has come from. Also for the amazing food and fun evening. The Cabana team also very kindly gifted me a Cabana cookbook and sauces to give Brasilian food at home a try… I can’t wait! I can see this becoming a popular restaurant for evenings out with friends.

Have you been to Cabana yet?

Anna x

*Food was complementary for review purposes

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