22 British landmarks in 2017 Challenge

My travel addiction is really out of control, I am constantly looking to book another holiday and my list of places to visit are endless. However my list never includes places in my Home country. As I work full time galavanting around the world non-stop isn’t an option for me so I am trying to plan at least one big trip a year and lots of little trips around that. Although I have got some amazing deals for weekend city breaks around Europe it can all add up. This is when I started to think more about travelling around the UK, ‘stay-cations’ can be fun and full of adventure even if I’m not travelling across the oceans. The UK is full of history and culture which I complete forget about when I’m planning my next adventures. After several fun filled bank holidays recently, planning some family fun days out, I came up with my latest idea… I turned 22 at the beginning of this year so it seemed fitting to set myself the challenge to visit 22 British landmarks in 2017 whether that be on a weekend away somewhere or a even a day trip.

I thought if I share my challenge here on the blog then I kind of have to do it and report back at the end of the year with all the photos from the landmarks I’ve visited. I am always spamming my Instagram with photos from my adventures too, so make sure you are following me on there! And if you fancy joining me in the challenge or have any suggestions then I’d love to know – make sure you leave me a comment.

Heres to the next adventure!

Anna x

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