Top Beauty Tips and Hacks with SEVENTEEN



I have been wearing makeup since my early teenage years and SEVENTEEN has been a constant in my makeup bag. Its affordability and quality has meant I’ve always re-purchased without any complaints.

I have teamed up with SEVENTEEN and 10 other bloggers for a ‘Beauty Blogger relay’. This is essentially a thread of bloggers sharing all their beauty tips and tricks with you. I am actually the last blogger, so I’m hoping my post is inventive enough that I haven’t duplicated any of the other girls great tips! Make sure you click on the link below to read the previous post, each post will link back to the post before in true relay fashion.

Although I do love being able to take my time with my make up and really enjoy applying it. In reality I  never have the time. I guarantee I am always the girl on the train trying to apply her mascara without blinding herself in the eye with the wand (no shame!) I have managed to succeed turning anything into my dressing table whether that be the train platform, my work toielts or my friends car. For me its essential to make sure my make up is quick and hassle free to apply – can I just shout out to the creation of the beauty blender, saved my life! –  I also travel a fair bit which means I have mastered the art of packing light, this includes taking only the makeup essentials. My top tips are basically ways to save time, room and minimal effort when applying makeup.

Tip 1

When travelling or doing my make up on the go, I want to save as much space as possible in my makeup bag. Having multi use products is a lifesaver for example a product that you can use for lips and cheeks or bronzer for eyeshadow. I also use a brown eyeshadow in one of my most useable palettes as my brow shade, the palette has a mirror in too, so all in all its a great makeup item to pack on the go. Tinted moisturisers are also a blessing on holiday, saving space in my cosmetic bag and also offering a lightweight, basic coverage is just perfect when you are on the go and not wanting too much on your face.

Tip 2

Lipstick is one of my favourite makeup products. A bright lip can really transform a look and when I am travelling I were minimal makeup and a bright lip can take me from day to evening effortlessly. The seventeen Bold Mattes are incredibly pigmented, have fantastic staying power and theres a fab collection of shades from bright and bold to nude. The only thing I hate about wearing lipstick and is often why I leave it out of my makeup routine is the fact that it dries my lips and never looks smooth. I now always apply a scrub on my lip before wearing a matte lipstick to create the perfect, smooth perfect lip. If I don’t have a lib scrub lying around somewhere a great alternative is just an ordinary lib balm and then sprinkle a little bit of sugar on your lips, rub together and lick off – doesn’t taste bad at all and creates a smooth and silky canvas ready for you to apply your matte lipstick.

Tip 3

I’m often going out to events straight from work, which means I need long lasting makeup. I often opt for products like ‘lip stains’ which will last all day and don’t require constant touch ups.

Tip 4

I always opt for skin care and makeup that has a built in SPF, but this comes in particularly useful when travelling as again,  you are saving space by having 2 in 1. Moisturisers, Foundations, BB creams and even powders. Its so important to use SPF and look after your skin all through the year and using it in your makeup or skin care is just a fail safe option.

Tip 5

I am always re-applying makeup afterwork when I have a blogging event or i am meeting up with friends. Spaying a setting spray onto a beauty blender will help mattify and set my makeup again, eliminating cageyness and suffocating my skin with more product. The beauty blender will take off any excess product and the setting spray will fix the coverage on your face.



Make sure you go read the other bloggers top tips and  summer beauty hacks which started off over on Abbi’s gorgeous blog – SimplyAbbi. each blog will have a link to the next so you should have a thread of really helpful tips and tricks to keep you looking beautiful!

You can find all of the products pictured above on the boots website here.

I’d love to know if you have any more tips or tricks to save time and space when doing makeup on the go, let me know in the comments!


Anna x



*Pr samples were used in this post

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