Vospers Woolston


Shout out to all the burger fans! If you haven’t already been down to Vospers, Woolston, then you need to. This rustic, little independent restaurant located in the new Centenary Quay in Woolston makes for the perfect dinner time treat.

Its actually named after  ‘Vosper Thornycroft’ an old shipbuilding company which was located there until 2003.  Inside Vospers is a lot of old memorabilia and photos of the old staff, very nostalgic for long time locals I’m sure. I love the interior of the restaurant as its cosy and intimate with a very homely vibe, perfect for a cold wintery evening but also lovely in the summer, right by the waterfront.  The food is delightful and you leave feeling more than satisfied. The staff are also very friendly and happy to help with any of your burger needs but don’t faff around or harass your table the entire time you are there either.

The menu offers a mouth watering range of handmade burgers, using all locally sourced ingredients. Its a little different from your typically, overdone American themed diners. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of a greasy burger and plastic cheese, especially when hungover, But Vospers is a completely different kettle of fish and offers something quite special. The burgers themselves are delicious and cooked perfectly, however if you would rather it be cooked well done, they will happily accommodate. As you can see from the photo above, its just a simple burger and chips, no fuss on the plate. Theres also a great selections of beers, cocktails and my personal favourite… milkshakes – which are lush! I really love how simple the guys at Vospers have kept it, small menu, great quality, locally sourced food, good price point – what more could you want?

I visited the restaurant shortly after it had opened with the Sotonbloggers for a cocktail making evening. Theres such a good choice of cocktails, and not your typical ‘cosmos’ or ‘sex on the beach’ either, I really loved the Jamaican Rum Swizzle. Making this also a perfect location to spend a Friday evening catching up with friends and enjoying a few drinks.

So if you are on the hunt for a good burger restaurant, head over to Vospers where they have you covered!

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