Becoming Shades – Waterloo Vault Festival

Becoming Shades – Waterloo Vault Festival Currently residing under Waterloo’ vaults, is The Vault Festival,  24th January-18th March with tonnes of quirky, daring and innovative performances across different stages. Its a whole underworld of entertainment, drinks and food.

‘Becoming Shades’ has pitched up in the largest venu of them all, the Forge. You walk along the neon light vaults corridors, through a lively bar with live music and drinks, past a seating area, which reminded me of the Souks in Marrakesh, until you arrive at the doors to the underworld of  ‘Hades’. Becoming shades tells the story of the mythical greek goddess, Persephone and demonstrates the female empowerment and struggle as she becomes the queen of the underworld, through an immersive performance of acrobatics, live music, fire and physical theatre. The audience are guided from one side of the vault to the other, you are up close and personal not only with the rest of the audience but the actors too, with the lucky few who are encouraged to actually get involved at some points in the performance too. I loved the idea of engaging the audience, it certainly made for an interesting piece, however shuffling across the floor reminded me of being back in school and was slightly uncomfortable for my 6ft something boyfriend!

However I think you can put sitting on the floor to one side as you are completely absorbed by the fascinating and raw talent that the girls from the Chivaree Circus display. I have never been to a circus or cirque du soleil style performance before so I don’t have much to compare to, but what I can say is these girls are incredibly talented and have bodies of art. Everything from fire eating dogs to a duo silk ribbon piece, this performance is incredible. The only part that I am still struggling with is a torch that guides the audience through the darkness of the underworld, stopping to eat a digestive – slightly random and unconnected but did offer a slice of humour for sure.

Becoming of Shades is running Wednesdays – Sunday at 9:30pm until the 18th of March at the Waterloo Vaults. You can get tickets to this and all the other performances at the Vaults festival on the Vault Festival website here! Tickets for Becoming Shades are £22.50



*Tickets were complementary for review purposes and the performance photos are not mine they are the ‘Press Production’ photos.



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