Lessons learnt from an “over packer”

Packing is the bane of most travellers life. You can make the mistake of missing something crucial, not packing the right things or going overboard like me and packing everything and the kitchen sink.

I’ve been travelling a fair bit over the past few years, both long and short haul trips and one thing never changes, I always over pack! You would have thought by now I’d have learnt my lesson but here we are not even half way into my most recent trip -inter-railing around Italy – (at the time of writing this) and my poor shoulders are in pain and I’m pretty sure Dan is planning his escape route so he doesn’t have to endure my moaning from carrying this huge rucksack anymore.

Over time, and from making the same mistakes, I have definitely learnt some valuable lessons and useful tips to assist with my obsessive packing disorder (OPD) and thought I’d share them here… may even use them myself next trip!

  1. Make a packing list – keep this simple and organised to ensure you are prepared for the trip and keep packing to a minimum.
  2. Pack sensible outfits, “all in one” kind of outfits such as dresses, jumpsuits etc. Things you can re-wear and things that don’t crease easily. All in one outfits take up less room and less effort in deciding what to wear whilst you are away.
  3. If you are going to overpack on anything, let it be UNDERWEAR! You do not want to be running low on this whilst on the move!
  4. Do you really need all the toiletries? Are you going somewhere off the face of the earth where there are no shops or pharmacies that you can buy that sort of thing? Keep this simple as it is the heaviest.
  5. Packing cubes are AMAZING! If you haven’t tried these yet… game changer. I started off with vacuum bags and have recently changed to packing cubes. They keep things separated and easy to get in your luggage whilst on the move whilst also saving space – room for more stuff 😉
  6. Roll don’t fold – this technique supposedly saves space in your luggage whilst also ensuring your clothes don’t get bad crease lines!
  7. Stop packing for “just in case” – trust me you will forgive yourself when you can actually carry your luggage.

I’ll let you know if they work after my next trip…

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