Circa presents Peepshow

Described as the ‘rockstars of the circus world’ Circa are some of the creme del la creme in their industry with several show stopping shows under their belt such as Opus, Close Up, The Return and Humans. Circa are back this year with another scorcher, exploring themes of gender and sexuality, this show delves into the weirdest corners of your imagination. The cast of Peepshow shock the audience with their super human strength, phenomenal acrobat skills, agile movements, whilst incorporating this all with dance, humour and circus tricks. Circa Peepshow is revolutionising cabaret as we know it and I personally LOVED it.

Circa are no strangers to performing and their professionalism and showmanship shone through, although at times I did feel that it was a tad messy… but why shouldn’t it be?! who says cabaret and circus have to be neat and tidy. I for one could not hula hoop on one leg and do a cartwheel – so who am I to judge.
Peepshow is utterly mesmerising, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole 70 minute showing, repeating the words “oh my god!”. I was in complete awe of what I was witnessing, pure human talent, with minimal props the cast relied upon each other to wow the audience. The most interesting story tellers I have ever seen, with no words needed, the audience are transfixed by the cast on the stage, the original soundtrack and impressive tricks took my mind on a rollercoaster. In the words of the shows creator  Yaron Lifschit, Peepshow will stretch your imagination like no other cabaret!
The show is set in The Spiegeltent, at Underbelly Festival. Circling the stage, the whole audience gets a great view from all different angles of the stage inside a classic circus tent. The dark and misty lightening really sets the scene for peepshow to transform your expectations, with their fun, powerful, imaginative cabaret. As well as being visually appealing, the music fitted perfectly, the rendition of ‘Sweet Dreams’  fit perfectly in assisting this talented cast to completely captivate the audience.
Peepshow is playing at the Underbelly Festival until 18th August 18′ be sure to get your tickets for this wonderfully weird and talented circus performance. Be sure you check Circa Peepshow out whilst they are at their temporary home at the underbelly festival before heading to Edinbrough fringe in August – you don’t want to miss it.



To buy tickets visit the Box Office  or by telephone on 03333444167



*Tickets were gifted to me for review purposes. Images courtesy of Kurt Petersen.

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