Cider tasting at Stable Southampton

After opening their first restaurants and making their mark in the food and cider industry back in 2009, Stable have made it their mission to revolutionise and change perceptions whilst spreading the love for cider. Cider is at the very heart of this brand, selling over 80 different varieties and each restaurant having their own group of cider masters, you are sure to find the right cider for you. They have even recently launched their very own Stable brew, Rapscallion . Which I can confirm is delicious! Stable now offer a Cider Tasting sessions for all of the serious cider lovers and those who aren’t too sure and want to find out more.

I went along to our local Stable restaurant last weekend with Southampton Bloggers*, there were 10 of us and this was just a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Our cider master Ellie really knew her stuff and kept us entertained for a good few hours of cider tasting and munching our way through the menu. The service we received was brilliant, friendly, fun and fast. We had a great selection of cheese, breads and chutneys to accompany the ciders before moving onto the pizzas as you can’t really visit Stable without a pizza…

Cider Tasting

Cider tastingcider tastingcider tastingcider tasting

As well as learning and having the opportunities to taste 10 different ciders, you get a card to make notes and score the ciders on appearance, aroma and taste. I loved doing this, especially in that sort of environment as we were all discussing what we were getting from the ciders and having a right laugh at everyones responses. There was also, left over juggs from the tasting which was brilliant if it was one of your favourites!

Cider tasting packages

There are 3 different packages for their cider tasting sessions to meet everyones needs, time and budget.

Strictly Cider – no messing around, straight to the point, cider, cider and more cider. Cheese and crackers are also offered as they complement the ciders! This session is 60 minutes long and £15 a head.

Cider and Supper – The same as above however you get your dinner thrown in too… a handmade Stable pizza of variety/buffet style for the group. This session is 100 minutes and £22.50 a head.

Ultimate Cider Experience – All of the above taken to the next level… This sessions is entirely tailored to you, focus on areas that your group are most interested in. Finest, handmade sourdough pizzas, a feast of cheeses and charcuterie, you can even treat yourself with cider brandies and their scrumptious chocolate brownies for dessert. This session is 150 minutes and £30 a head.

These sessions are a brilliant for birthdays, celebrations and just something fun to do with your friends on a weekend. Its educational and a feast for your tastebuds.

You can’t go wrong with cider and pizza. Stable have got you covered for authentic, stone baked pizzas with awesome flavours, vegan and gluten free options, amazing deserts and as previously mentioned… a whole lot of cider for you to try. Even if you aren’t there for a cider tasting party, be sure to pop to the bar and check their impressive cider collection out, you can sample some at the bar to help you find your perfect cider.



*Complementary session for review purposes.

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