Revolution Southampton

Revolution Southampton has always been a favourite of mine for a night out, its a great bar, fun vibe, yummy cocktails and enough space to have a little boogie once the drinks are flowing. Its not somewhere that dinner immediately springs to mind, but I was invited along to Revolution Southampton* with some of the Southampton Bloggers recently, to celebrate the launch of their brand new menu and try some of the food. I particularly loved the fact they have even labelled parts of the menu with tiny cameras next to items to specify that its an ‘instagramable’ dish – I am sure you can sense my excitement…. We obviously had to put that to the test and ordered a wide variety off the menu to get a good flavour of what is on offer.The menu is full to the brim with choice, its very well priced and all together a great menu.

We ordered a few dishes for the table, such as their garlic tear and share bread, baked camabert and chips and dips. I love the idea of being able to graze whist I am out, maybe its the start of a night out and you want to line your stomaches or you just have a big appetite?! Either way the bread was delicious. I am always a fan of chips and dips too and these did not disappoint, I particularly loved the cuban seasoning.

As mentioned previously, I am a grazer. I was a very happy blogger when I noticed they have a “grazing” section on the menu. The menu is rather large, with lots of choice, this may be a good or a bad thing depending on how indecisive you are… I was a little stunned and confused as to what to go with so decided to order a couple of grazing plates and some nachos to share.

The grazing plates are 3 for £15 or 5 for £20. They are actually a really generous portion size, I could probably have done with just 2 dishes and I would have been fine. The sticky BBQ chicken bites stole the show for me, a lot of flavour and great texture. They reminded me of an American diner sort of food and perfect combo with a few cocktails. I also went for the honey mustard sausages, these really exceeded my expectations, great quality meat, succulent, juicy and intense flavour, also a very generous portion size as I was expecting 3 or 4 cocktail sausages but was greeted with 6 chunky mini sausages in a cute little piggy bowl (a little disturbing decor but still yummy).  The last grazing dish I tried was the Tuscan meatballs, and these were fab! If you are an Italian fan (and who isn’t?!) these are a must try! Packed with a flavoursome sauce and succulent meatball. I wish they were on the menu with some pasta and i’d be back in a shot. I also like the premise of graze plates because you could get a few plates between you, at a reasonable price and try an array of food before working your way through the drinks menu… They are good if you aren’t too hungry or if you are hungry, you can go to town by getting more.

Some of the other girls had ordered from the “main menu” which sounded appealing, lots of variety and choice. Theres a good mixture of meat dishes and vegetarian. A popular choice was the ’SmokeKing’ burger, which came out in a trendy smoking jar. Unfortunately, I think the presentation of the burger actually took something away from the food itself as it was left dry with no excitement. The Mother Clucker however looked really appealing, a high stacked burger with bacon and chicken, its what it says on the tin with no fancy presentation.

Their new menu definitely sets high expectations as its exciting and so varied, however I fear slightly that there may be too much going on. We had a table of 9 all ordering different style of dishes and had a rather long wait, on a quiet Sunday. I think some of the dishes have a fabulous idea behind them, but in reality could be a little disappointing. But from my experience, I would 100% recommend the grazing options, I think this is the perfect bar style food too and fits well with the rest of their theme.

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