Calendar Girls the Musical

Gary Barlow and Tim Firth have paired together to create the stage production of the 2003 British comedy, Calendar Girls. Based on a real life story of a group of ordinary ladies who achieved something extraordinary. Calendar Girls The Musical is currently touring the UK and is appearing at Southamptons Mayflower Theatre from the 8th of January until the 18th of January. Staring some familiar faces such as Fern Britton and Denise Welch, alongside a super talented cast and mild nudity…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Calendar girls is a story based on true life events. John Baker, A much loved man of a Yorkshire community and Husband to Angela Baker. Sadly John passes away due to non-hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. Angela is supported by her friends, community and the women of the Women’s Institute (WI) through this heartbreaking time. In the musical, Annie’s(Angela Baker) best friend, and co-member of WI has a lightbulb moment, to raise money for a memorial sofa, in the ward that John had his treatment. The Woman of the Yorkshire WI, stripped off for a nude calendar and to this day have raised millions for Bloodwise,  the UK’s leading blood cancer research charity.

I have to say, its an incredible show and you can tell Gary Barlow had something to do with this, the songs just screamed Barlow from the opening number “Yorkshire” to the ” who wants a silent night”, I was half expecting them to start singing “rule the world” at one point… But either way, all of the songs had me tapping my feet and were infectious to watch. 

This play has everything, it’s a feel good, crowd pleaser and received one of the best reactions that I have ever seen at the Mayflower Theatre, and a well deserved standing ovation.  Calendar Girls The Musical is a heartwarming, emotional but hilarious production and tells this tale so well.  It will have you in tears one way or another, with the sad story line but absolutely hilarious humour that runs throughout. These woman really do brave it all on stage, tits and arses are out!  I just couldn’t believe my eyes, well done ladies! 

Calendar girls is running at the Mayflower theatre until the 18th of January. You can find tickets for it here! Or find out more information about the tour here. 


You can find more of my theatre reviews here! 


*Tickets were complimentary for review purposes.

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