About Me

My name is Anna, and I am 22 years old. I created ‘Brighteyeblog’ back in 2014, as a creative outlet for me to write about anything and everything… This random little blog that I had created one night out of boredom has vastly become a big part of my life, giving me some amazing opportunities, making some incredible friends and has also become a fantastic place for me to document some of my adventures.

As for the name, it’s a little cheesy I know, but it was the first name that came into my head and felt like a good representation of me as I like to look at things in a positive light, “through bright eyes” and with an open mind.

I like to write how I talk, and lets just say in real life, I don’t shut up. I would like to think that since first starting this blog, my photography skills and content has definitely improved over time and I’m slowly starting to understand the big scary world of SEO…

After a month travelling the USA solo (Summer 16′) I enchanted the travelling bug and have projected my love for travel into my blog. So you can expect to see all sorts of travel posts on here, from travel guides, tips and tricks, to what to pack, advice, plans and wish lists. Not to mention the posts on food – I am a massive foodie and I am working my way through this world one restaurant at a time! I am a theatre addict and musical obsessed so have been slipping in the odd theatre review here and there! Not to mention I have a very unhealthy spending problem/addiction where I am constantly (except if I’m on a spending ban for my travels) buying clothes and makeup… so expect to see some of that here on ‘Brighteyeblog’ and I am sure there will be other aspects of my life that I chose to document or share on here too…


Thanks for joining the adventure…

Anna x

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