Easter makeup look 

                                 So it is Easter this weekend and I thought I would share the makeup I’m going for…  It’s a look I have been doing a lot recently and one I thought would be perfect for a simple Spring  Easter look!  I prepped my face with a thorough skin […]

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Trek America haul 

   I say this is a haul… It’s not massive, as I have been on a major spending ban over the last few months! But I have picked up a few “necessities” to take with me…            Firstly is this goregous travel organiser, which I recieved as a gift from work for my birthday. […]

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Mother’s Day gift ideas 

 As I’m sure you are all aware Mother’s Day is fast approaching… So I thought I would put together a few gift ideas!                                     Jewellery One of my favourite jewellery brands and always my safe option when buying a gift is Pandora, whether it’s a ring, charm or […]

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Lush shower creams

      I am an official a lush shower cream convert! I have ditched my normal shower gels and this is the way forward from now on! WHY has it taken me this long in my 21 years of exsistance to only now try one of their shower creams?! I am in love, here’s the […]

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