Sephora haul

I couldn’t go state side without making a trip to Sephora now could I…  I saved splurging until right at the end of my trip when I was in New York. What better place to shop than in the one and only NYC!  I may have gone slightly OTT when I was in them and […]

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Trek America haul 

   I say this is a haul… It’s not massive, as I have been on a major spending ban over the last few months! But I have picked up a few “necessities” to take with me…            Firstly is this goregous travel organiser, which I recieved as a gift from work for my birthday. […]

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Disneyland Paris Haul

    Let’s talk about two of my favourite things… Shopping and Disney! Obviously it was going to happen, it was my birthday and who can resist splurging out on Disney, novelty things when in Disneyland?! I didn’t go crazy on myself I bought a few gifts for friends and some treats for my little brothers […]

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New year, New me… 

That title was a complete lie! I’m back to doing what I do best… SHOPPING!  One of my favourite ways to see in the new year is to go and treat myself to some new things, whether that’s clothes, shoes, makeup or new skin care products, I always like start the year with new things. […]

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Christmas Lush Haul

    I love lush all year through… But I especially love it when they bring out their seasonal collections and Christmas has to be my favourite! I recently went along and picked up some bits so I thought I would share what I picked up!    The classic and very popular ‘Butter Bear’ – I […]

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Lush haul 

   I went to Lush…         Who doesn’t love a good lush haul?! I thought I would treat you all this Sunday with a little peak at what I picked up in Lush recently!    First up the flamingo I have been lusting after for ages! I finally got one. This is a bubble […]

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