Happy New Years!

I can’t quite believe that its the 1st of January 2018 and I’m sat here (slightly hungover), writing this post. Looking back at 2017, although there were many ups and downs and many tragedies and devastation to hit the world, I wanted to look back at all the positives that have happened this year and […]

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Where to find motivation

I recently faced a knock back, it wasn’t all bad and I actually came away feeling really motivated. It was disappointing for sure but it got me thinking. We all go through times when we are feeling lazy, un-inspired and lose our ‘mojo’, its completely natural. But where do you find motivation, how do you […]

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As I see in 2017 nursing a slight hangover, I’m in my pyjamas looking back at what a fantastic year 2016 was! Not only did I travel to 4 different countries, 16 different states, tick a whole load of stuff off my bucket list and just have the best time of my life but so […]

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10 reasons I love the USA

When I booked my Trek last year so many people asked me why I wanted to travel across the states and told me how there were so many better places to travel to! As you probably can already tell if you have read my previous posts or follow me on social media, I had a […]

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Trek adventure #2

I know you are probably all sick of all my Trek America posts. It’s all I talked about before I went and I haven’t shut up about it since I’ve been back! Well i’m sorry to inform you all but…You are going to have to either put up with it all all over again or block me! […]

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